Our Geological Services

One of the earth sciences that aids in our comprehension of the true nature of our surroundings and the mystery that lies beyond what is seen is geology. In order to help our clients, reach their objectives, Al SAHRAA offers a broad range of geology-related services. We do this by utilizing various scientific methodologies to produce more in-depth evaluations of the project’s viability.
Our devoted team is well-versed making us one of the top businesses in the kingdom for geological consulting.

Our services include:

  1. Full Geological Investigation.
  2. Complete Geotechnical Services.
  3. Drilling works.
  4. Mining Planning.
  5. Blasting Services.
  6. Quarries Total Management.
  7. Rehabilitation & Mine Closure Studies.
  8. Social Impact Study.
  9. Local Content Study.
  10. Supply of Raw Materials.