Our services and areas of expertise

1- Engineering Geophysics.

2- Hydrological and hydrogeological fields.

3- Services in the Geotechnical field.

4- Environmental monitoring.

Geophysical Well Logging:

Well logging is a technique for documenting the characteristics of the rock and fluid to locate zones in underground formations that hold gas and oil. The first time a geologist comes into contact with the actual underlying geology is when they drill an exploratory or development well. In all its incarnations, logging entails making use of this chance to learn more about what actually exists below the surface. For geologists interested in the geology aspects of a given, or comparable, area, enormous archives of historical logs exist in addition to providing information relevant to that particular well.

Our Services:

  • Density Probe.
  • Full Wave Sonic Probe.
  • Caliber Probe.
  • Optical televiewer.
  • Resistivity Probe.
  • Optical Borehole Televiewer Imaging.